non executive chairman

S. Krishnamurthy

Chief Operating Officer, Dubai Investments

President - Harbinder Singh

Managing Director, Sudeku Investments

Vice President - JOYCE LAU

Joyce is a Registered Architect who completed the Airport Metro Station before perpetuating in Dubai 12 years ago. Now her UAE-built projects include the Al Zahra Hospital and Montrose Residences-Hotel.

In 2010, she founded Apprize LLC; an entrepreneurship that curates and commercialises value-add innovations from Singapore for the Middle East.

As SBC’s Vice President, Joyce has been privileged as a panelist and awarded ‘Brilliant Networker’ in separate events by our Sharjah corporate partners.

Director of Finance - HARBINDER SINGH

Harbinder has a LLB (Hons) from the University of Manchester, UK and an MBA from the University of Chicago, USA. He is also a Certified Chief Sustainability Officer.

He has over 20 years international experience in growing businesses. He has been in the UAE for the last 8 years, where he has held senior leadership roles in organizations such as AIMS, Bee’ah and Enviroserve. In the UAE, he has pioneered numerous environmental initiatives such as UAE’s 1st zero waste hotel in 2011, 1st municipal water to industrial grade water and the world’s largest integrated electronic waste facility.

He is also involved in several social initiatives such the International Innovation Corp.

Director of Events – LYNN HASIM

Lynn majored in Events and Hospitality Management in university and worked in Singapore previously in the events and hospitality industries.

As sunny Singapore was not hot enough for her, she moved to Bahrain in 2011 and then Dubai in 2013.

A foodie at heart, Lynn’s spare time is spent sniffing out good food whether it be in alleyway cafes or posh restaurants. She loves to cook up new recipes too.

Director of Events – GULSHAN KAUR

Gulshan has 11 years of international maritime experience, starting in Singapore. She sailed her way across the seas to Dubai, one of the largest crude tanker owners in the world, where she is a Data Specialist with Bahri.

Being entrepreneurial by nature, she spends most of her free time engaging with startups. She has seen 3 startups to fruition and is currently working to spiral the next one.

She loves Singaporean/Asian cuisine and she loves cooking, enabling her to satisfy her cravings.

Director of Membership – CAROLYN ANG

Carolyn arrived in Dubai 3 years ago, as a corporate lawyer with Watson Farley & Williams (Middle East) LLP, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, fund raisings and general corporate and commercial work.

She looks forward to being able to play a part in fostering a strong sense of community and to help other Singaporeans retain their ability to speak Singlish fluently.

She loves cooking, eating or obsessing about food in general.


Dino has lived in Dubai for the past 8 years and is a businessman who brings in electronics, primarily mobile phones into UAE and distributes locally and to the rest of GCC.

Motivated and confident professional with a successful 16 years track record of imports, exports, sales and marketing of mobile phones and mobile accessories.

Dino does volunteer work with Bridge Builders Dubai.


Sanjiv is a financial services professional, with multinational experience at senior levels with MasterCard and American Express.

His current focus is on Fintech, Advisory and Design Thinking for banks, consulting organizations and non-bank financial services companies.

Additional professional interests include business writing regarding entrepreneurship and Fintech, teaching Marketing at the MBA level.


Surbhi is a Marketing Communications professional. Starting her career in public relations and communications, her professional journey has allowed her to grow organically in marketing and add new-age skills to her portfolio.

In Dubai, Surbhi supports SMEs to enable them generate business value through digital marketing.

Surbhi enjoys good food and good conversations. She loves to read non-fiction books, travel and create her own food recipes in her free time.


Roy is the CEO and Founder of BigZ, a brand strategy consultancy and a co-founder of Natural Shifa, a luxurious honey curator.

He has been in the Dubai for 11 years and won multiple awards including “Best Partner” of Dubai Smart Government in year 2013 and 2014.

Arts and Music are part of his colorful life where he has received his Master from Kawai Music Academy, Japan. A World Silat Champion in 1995 and he has retired with a shining medal in the European Open Pencak Silat Championship 2001. Currently, he is pursuing his Master of Science in Marketing.