Le Ten Modern Asian Dining

Be prepared to be blown away by the intricacy of the flavours laced and lavished in the food we serve at LèTen. With dishes expertly crafted with its purposeful meaning and story, our culinary team stays true to the art of redefining Asian classics with a focus in the blend of tastes and the freshness of ingredients. Allow yourself to take flight on a journey through the exotic yet intriguing spices of Asia and get weld-in to the world of communal dining which inspires laughter, conversations and memorable good times.

Bertin Bistro and Restaurant

Pack up your bags, we are taking you on a savoury journey through Alsace (France), Marbella (Spain) and Tangiers (Morocco), following chef Bertin’s passion for food and love.
On the ground floor, step onto the beautiful marble tiled floor, sit on the most delicate leather upholstery and enjoy the most delicious desserts on a beautifully crafted marble table. An Alsatian bistro you can call home, the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a freshly baked Bertin Pain Perdu.
The menu offers a wide range of dishes, all the while keeping the touch of the classic bistro fare. No haute, snotty cuisine; just your favourite dish Maman would’ve made you on a sunny Sunday afternoon.